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McInnis Cement is a fast-growing start-up company that is also…


Through their work and ideas, each of our employees contributes to the growth and development of our company. We operate world-class equipment, both at the plant and at our terminals, and our whole team is dynamic, experienced and agile.


McInnis has built and operates the first cement plant to successfully enter the northeastern North American market in 50 years. We also are proud to have achieved the lowest environmental footprint per metric ton of cement produced.


As soon as it entered the market, our product established itself as a new benchmark for quality in the industry. Our customer service is exceptional and is the foundation upon which we will successfully and confidently achieve continued growth.

5 Good Reasons to Join our Team:


For a career by the sea

Let yourself be guided by the sea to get to work, walk on the beach at the end of the day, and have a drink with friends. Enjoy the gifts of nature like nowhere else, all year long. That’s life in Gaspésie!


To meet a professional challenge

Do you like to get out of your comfort zone? Our dynamic and stimulating work environment leaves a lot of room for creativity as well as the development of individual employee expertise.


To be part of a big family

Every employee is an important member of the McInnis team. As such, the development of our staff is one of our highest priorities.


For a positive work environment and good benefits

We offer financial assistance for reassignment in the Gaspé region, along with flexible hours, competitive compensation and an innovative vacation policy that recognizes years of relevant experience prior to your joining us.


For on-the-job training

At McInnis, ongoing staff training ensures the continual maintenance and development of employee skills. Staff development is at the top of our list of company values.