Our recruitment process

The interview

Lasting 30 to 60 minutes, in person or virtually, the interview allows us to assess your technical skills and your behavior on the job. The exercise is also intended to inform you about the position and the department to which you will be attached. Your questions are also welcome, the idea is to get to know each other better!


In order to objectively and fully assess your profile, your skills, your knowledge and your competencies, we use various tools. Depending on the nature and requirements of the desired position, you may be required to take a pre-employment medical exam, a psychometric exam conducted by industrial psychologists, or even technical and practical competency exams.


In order to preserve the integrity of our process, we call upon an external firm to take references, which may relate to the following elements, in whole or in part:

  • Professional references
  • Criminal record
  • School diplomas
  • Credentials

We are grateful for your interest in our company. Rest assured that we pay the utmost attention to the processing and follow-up of applications, which allows us to objectively and fairly assess the match between the profiles of the candidates and the positions they are applying for.

We look forward to having you with us!