Support the Community

Our Major Partnerships

The Accroche-cœur, social pediatrics center in the Gaspésie-Sud community
McInnis was proud to make donations to help make this center a reality. Certified by the Fondation du Dr Julien, the center includes a freestanding walk-in clinic as well as a mobile unit that travels to see patients across the region. The center provides disadvantaged children in the community with local access to medical, social and legal services, thereby improving the quality of life for these children and their families.

Visit the L’Accroche-cœur Facebook page

The Gaspésie Cleantech Hub
McInnis Cement is one of the five founding members of this organization, which actively works to research and implement technologies to reduce the impact of the cement plant’s activities on the environment while maximizing the economic benefits of the plant in the region.

Consult the Gaspésie Cleantech Hub website

Our Community and Environmental Support

As a company, we want to play a significant role in our community. We achieve this by supporting causes and promising projects that have a positive impact on community vitality; promote community health and healthy lifestyles; and support science education. Here are some of our recent contributions and initiatives.

McInnis Celebrations in Port-Daniel

Summer 2019

McInnis held an open house for the community, followed by a show in the heart of the village, at the cultural and family space of Port-Daniel–Gascons.

Metal Sale for the Benefit of the Port-Daniel–Gascons Childcare Center

Fall 2019

The proceeds from the sale of metal parts were donated to the Port-Daniel–Gascons P’tits coquillages childcare center to help them purchase a multi-seat stroller to facilitate transportation for 8-10 babies at a time.

Construction of Bats Shelters

Since 2018

By combining its regular follow-up on the compensation measures relating to the habitat of bats and the research objectives of a regional organization, McInnis has acquired specialized equipment that makes it possible to improve the study area of Contact Environment. The adaptation of these types of monitoring activities is helping to improve knowledge about the species.

Sponsorship of a Team at the Raid International Gaspésie

Fall 2019

The company proudly supported the McInnis Cement / QSL team, comprised of a McInnis employee and a colleague from QSL also working at the cement plant. The valiant athletes, who were making their first appearance in such a competition, greatly appreciated the experience.

Installation of Artificial Lobster Reefs

Since 2017

To compensate for the loss of lobster habitat brought about by the construction of the Port-Daniel–Gascons marine terminal, six artificial lobster reefs were installed at sea. Now, not only is lobster still present in abundance around our terminal, but the reefs also contribute to the maintenance of the resource in their environment.

Lake Vachon Revitalization

Summer 2020

Lac Vachon, a legacy of the old Gaspesia papermill and located in downtown Chandler, has seen the quality and quantity of its water decrease considerably in recent decades. Through the Regulation respecting compensation for damage to wetlands and bodies of water, McInnis is participating in a program to revitalize the lake.